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BOHOBOCO PERFUME is a brand that was born out of a childhood dream of Michal Gilbert Lach.

The BOHOBOCO PER FUME collection was launched in 2016. It is a collection of niche perfumes that seduce and intrigue with their depth. Unisex is their middle name, and the soul of the fragrances is inner transformation, experience and rebirth. Creating a beautiful story of freedom ¡ tolerance, they are a showcase of everyone's soul.

In the crystal flacons are enclosed inspirations, emotions, stories and moments, which, like magical beings, when the essence is released, are passed on. The person wearing a particular composition connects it to his inner self and interprets it in his own unique way. This is how an amazing, invisible energy is created, which affects not only the senses, but also the soul, evoking new, addictive sensations.

A journey into oneself, incoming memories and emotions from the past. This is what you can feel when wearing BOHOBOCO PERFUME compositions. These original compositions stay with us for a long time and become an unforgettable part of important moments, emphasizing our personality. Perfumes created by the brand last extremely long, as the precious essences contain as much as 30% perfume.