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BENEGANIC is 100% organic nutraceuticals: vitamins and micronutrients.

The word "nutraceutical" comes from two English words: nutrition - nutrition and pharmaceutical - pharmaceutical. A nutraceutical is any biologically active substance that can strengthen, weaken or modify the physiological and metabolic functions of the body, and thus have a beneficial effect on the body. It constitutes a foodstuff that combines nutritional values and features of pharmaceuticals.

What distinguishes BENEGANIC - is that only substances with standardized active ingredients, gently extracted and with the highest possible bioavailability are used in production. Only in this way can nutraceuticals reveal their full health benefits. In addition, BENEGANIC conducts its own research to test its products even more thoroughly. Nutraceuticals that BENEGANIC uses include high-quality curcumin for protection against oxidative stress and lifestyle diseases, beta-glucan from yeast extract in immunity products, keratin from sheep's wool for hair beauty and health, hyaluronic acid and collagen for keeping skin youthful, and extracts from saffron, ashwagandha and lemon balm for mental support.

So, as you can see, the range of nutraceutical possibilities is wide, and nature's resources are almost inexhaustible. BENEGANIC's mission is to promote organic health-promoting substances that have been known for centuries, derived from nature.

Cooling 30 capsules - Beneganic Cooling 30 capsules - Beneganic 2 Against hair loss
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Cooling 30 capsules

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Essentials 60 capsules - Beneganic Vitamins
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Essentials 60 capsules

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