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The founder of Ice Ice Beauty says of herself that she is the epitome of the perpetually thirsty vacation girl, who needs nothing more than ocean breezes, hot sand and bikinis to be happy.

Although she loves summer, in her grooming, there is nothing she loves more than the cold. However, having learned from her experiences, she found that using melting ice cubes may not be the easiest way to perform cryotherapy treatments at home, so she started looking for more convenient solutions.

The result is a small collection of accessories that help me reap the benefits of the radiant glow offered by cold treatments.

Ice Ice Beauty is a promoter of accepting your body as it is - but also understands that sometimes you'd like to add a glow to your complexion.

When your skin looks fresh and radiant, you feel like you can conquer the world. Ice Ice Beauty wants to share its ice beauty secret with you.