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Manfred Thierry Mugler is a French fashion designer who began his career in 1973 with the Cafe de Paris dress collection. He is considered by many to be a visionary of the fashion world, who breaks stereotypes and brings fashion to a whole new level. He is an expressive and contrasting figure, who launches unusual compositions that are memorable for a long time.

Thierry Mugler perfumes are created for women who want to manifest their individuality and feel special. Each proposal is enclosed in a unique, fancy flacon, which in itself is a miniature work of art. Mugler flacons are always the perfect combination of art and technical strength. Each bottle is a talisman, it knows exactly what story the fragrance it encloses tells.

Mugler brand fragrances, is the art of metamorphosis. The goal is to be original, alternative. Fragrances invite you to experience amazing sensory sensations.

Each fragrance has a unique temperament and paints originality on each dose of scent, created from raw materials and unusual concentrates.


  • A brand that is recognizable and unconventional,
  • Creating the possibility of infinite imagination in the world of fragrances,
  • The art of making dreams and metaphor come true,
  • An imaginary ideal world where fantasy is cultivated and addictions are accepted,
  • Offering customers a real relationship with a long-lasting product and a unique, magnetic fragrance composition,
  • The struggle between innocence and sensuality,
  • The struggle between strength and delicacy.