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Terranova was founded in 2008 by Stephen Terrassa. It is one of the few nutritional supplement companies in the world that do not use any fillers or other additives in production. What also sets us apart is that 100% of the products are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

The primary goal of Terranova's formula concept is to achieve maximum effectiveness, versatility, purity, gentleness, balance and safety.

Terranova favors the use of whole plant ingredients over extracts. When creating products, the amounts of nutrients, minerals or vitamins are selected accordingly. The synergistic environment of the human body is able to take advantage of the optimal doses.

Although isolated substances, such as minerals or vitamins, are included in Terranova's supplements, we believe that they should go into the body together with whole, fresh plants for synergy. We therefore subject herbs, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms to a freeze-drying process to best preserve their natural strength.

"Let nature shine in you." This slogan is a good illustration of Terranova's desire to create synergistic nutritional and plant preparations. The concept is the result of Stephen Terrassa's knowledge and inspiration.

In the United States, he met Ed Alstat, who was growing plants on his experimental farm using natural methods, taking advantage of the benefits of volcanic soil. He used freeze-drying to preserve valuable plant components. This friendship became the foundation on which Terranova was founded.

Terranova puts nature and its relationship with humans first. Optimal nutrition should therefore come from organically pure crops, be free of additives and use synergy - the interaction of individual ingredients. Let nature shine in you!